Emptying the toilet cassette is very quick and easy to do. We have a 'how to' video available to watch in the thl Roadtrip App, or you can watch it here

The toilet in your vehicle has a cartridge underneath that catches the waste. The cartridge requires a toilet chemical to break down the waste and keep it odour free. These toilet chemicals can be purchased from our branch. If you have purchased the Value Pack, you will have three toilet chemicals provided.

We recommend you empty the toilet cassette every 1 - 2 days (at an authorised dump point) and place a new chemical inside, along with some water after emptying.  The toilet cassette is located in a lockable compartment outside the vehicle, adjacent to the bathroom.  Under the toilet cassette are wells that collect any overflow of waste.

These wells are dry and clean when you collect your vehicle from our branch. They need to also be returned this way.

There are several steps you can take to avoid any overflow of waste into these wells.

  • Always make sure the toilet shutter is fully open when you use your toilet.  If it is not open the waste will seep around the cassette instead of going into the cassette. The waste will then end up in the wells underneath.
  • Always ensure the toilet shutter is fully closed when not in use. Just the motion of driving can cause waste to spill over the top outlet. This spillage will end up in the wells below. 
  • After emptying the toilet cassette, ensure the cassette is pushed in all the way, and then adjusted back so it sits flush behind the plastic lip and locks in. If the cassette does not line up properly with the toilet shutter, waste will end up seeping around the cassette and underneath into the wells.
  • Empty the toilet regularly. A full cassette will overflow through the top seals and seep around the cartridge and into the wells underneath.
  • When you empty the toilet, check the wells underneath for any overflow. Wash and dry wells if there is any waste in them.

If the wells under the toilet cassette are full, you will get overflow of waste coming into the bathroom floor area. This can be quite unpleasant for the hirer and our branch staff on return of the vehicle.

If you do not maintain the toilet during your hire and either the wells or cassette are returned full, you will be asked to clean/empty them or charged a $125 toilet cleaning fee.

If you would prefer that we empty the cassette for you on drop-off (selected branches), consider purchasing our Cleaning Pack. With this Pack, we'll:

  • take care of the 'end of hire' vehicle, cabin and bathroom cleaning (simply return the vehicle neat and tidy) and
  • empty the toilet cassette and waste water tanks for you, if you are returning a camper with a toilet to Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth.

You can add this to your booking at any stage before drop-off. Just give us a call.